A Sustainable Trade Route for Kenya: Unlocking opportunities for greener growth through sea freight

In 2020 COVID -19 exposed the limitations of airfreight in Kenya and there remains a shortfall of air freight capacity as well as high costs. The port of Mombasa is a crucial landing points for goods in Kenya, but while controlled atmosphere (CA) containers have made it possible to export fruit and flowers to new markets, the use of sea freight is underdeveloped. 

This event is being convened by the Kenya Flower Council to support the development of greener economic growth that can be unlocked through the increased use of sea freight for exporting flowers and vegetables. Two recent initiatives have found compelling economic, environmental and social evidence to support this expansion. The first is a study commissioned by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the second was a project conducted under the COVID-19 Vulnerable Supply Chains Facility (VSCF) project 'Sea Freight Flowers' funded by UK aid and Flamingo International. 

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