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Kenya Flower Council (KFC) is the leading Business Membership Association for growers, exporters and key cut-flower and ornamental value chain actors. KFC members account for approximately 80 percent of Kenya’s floricultural exports.

 KFC’s Flowers and Ornamentals Sustainability Standards (FOSS), popularly known as KFC Silver and Gold Standard, to which all members must comply, is a trusted standard worldwide. It is one of only three internationally benchmarked standards that demonstrate sustainable social, environmental and good agricultural business practice benchmarks set by the EU-based Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). The standard encourages commitment to ethical practices, innovation and promoting equitable trading practices, thus ensuring that certified producers foster sustainable, responsible and safe production of cut flowers and ornamentals.

The organization is in the forefront promoting Kenya as a reliable source of quality cut flowers and ornamentals and the country’s competitiveness in the global floriculture trade. KFC is actively engaged in all major trade negotiations in existing, new and emerging markets and in amplifying Kenya’s image in the international market as the most trusted source of cut flowers and ornamentals.

KFC engages with key actors locally for a favourable business environment for growers and exporters of cut flowers and ornamentals.

To achieve its objectives, KFC has undergone significant restructuring within the Board and the Secretariat in the last 4 years in line with its Strategic Plan. KFC proposes to assess its efficiency to deliver on it’s mission and visions and immediately initiate any necessary changes.

KFC (client) is therefore seeking to hire an expert to help the organization to finetune the organization structure, roles and responsibilities of individual secretariat staff, corresponding Key Performance Indicators and development of performance measurement tools. 

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